Being in a relationship isn't always easy, we both know that, and I know that sometimes things can feel distant or lacking and either of us will need that extra little boost, that extra little reminder of how much we're loved.

I love you because you are so fucking smart. The way you have with words, with music, will never cease to blow me away. I love you because you're passionate and you don't half-ass things, you dedicate yourself. I love you for how funny you are and how you constantly make me laugh. I love you for how deeply you feel things because I know that I can always talk to you and that you won't laugh at me or think I'm stupid. I love you for how loyal you are when that is a hard thing to find. I love you for how honest you are because that's hard to find, too. I love you for how handsome you are, you're the most handsome man I have ever met. I love you for how sweet you are and that enormous heart you have. I love you for loving my family and I love you for loving my dogs. I love you because of how beautiful and loved you make me feel. Most of all, I love you for how much you love your family and your girls. I love you for the amazing father you are.

I love you, Skylar