So you want to reminisce, hm? I do this more often than I should probably admit. It's hard not to when I look back on the past few years of my life and how much things have changed in that time. It feels like almost just yesterday I was walking into your studio clutching my notebook with my scribbles and praying to any god or goddess that I could remember that you wouldn't see what I had and tell me it was shit.

Instead you shocked me with how fast you penned your verses and with how wonderful you were, how funny and kind. That time was such a large turning point in my life for various reasons.

Do you remember that night at the studio when I brought you a couple songs and we ordered in. We spent time reworking them and ironing out the kinks before taking a break for sodas. I knew then that I was happy to start feeling like your friend and that I was lucky. That only grew the more we worked together and talked, when I had the honor of meeting your girls. I still feel a little bad for the way Whit and I kind of forgot you existed when we first met and spent an hour talking about pop music.

I don't remember when my feelings for you started but I do remember the first time I realized they were there. We were messaging each other and you said something that actually made me laugh out loud and I realized that it wasn't just laughing. There was that little feeling in my chest and stomach and the huge urge to make you smile as much as you had just made me. It was overwhelming and scary as fuck, almost as scary as when we finally ended up talking about them.

I tried to pick out a favorite memory to write to you about but I can't. I love all of my memories with you. Wearing your hoodie after our first time together, the first time you tickle attacked me and I accidentally elbowed you, nights when we've almost toppled off the couch trying to untangle ourselves so that we could get up, both of us yelling at the TV when we watch shows and something crazy happens, your kisses on the back of my neck when I'm cooking something on the stove, me interrupting some of your hard work to rub your shoulders and make you take a needed break. Every single moment, no batter how big or small, makes up us and they all make me happier than there are words to express.

I love you, Skylar