I know you aren't a huge sap and that sometimes this day can be a pain, but I still wanted to write you something special for it. It's a day dedicated to love, right? So it's only fitting that I do something to remind you that I love you so much it fucking hurts (in the best way possible).

On this day I am thankful for our love. Being with you has taught me that it is possible to give yourself entirely to someone, that someone can love your dark as much as your light. Your love has shown me that even the things that I think are flaws aren't always bad. Our love has shown me that it's possible to hurt each other and work through it, to come out of it stronger and closer. Our love has shown me what it's like to really look forward to life ten, twenty years down the road because I know you'll still be there with me.

Our love is the biggest comfort of my life. Music is my therapy, just like it's yours. It's my outlet for creativity, but you are my safety and comfort. At the end of the day music isn't want wraps it's arms around me and keeps me warm. You have the lips that I want to wake up and kiss, you have the laugh that I love to hear, you have the hands that I love to hold.

Thank you so much for loving me.

I love you, Skylar